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The 8 precious Chi Kung exercises that will radically boost your vitality

The 8 Precious Chi Kung Exercises That Will Radically Boost Your Vitality

Here I will present a set potent of exercises that will greatly increase your strength and vitality.  They will also help you to improve your breathing in general.  After doing a set of these exercises you will immediately feel upbeat and invigorated and as you practice them over time you will find that your general sense of health and wellbeing will radically improve. 

There has been lot written by other more experienced authors about the benefits of doing this set of exercises and others like them.  I won’t seek to go there in detail with this blog.  However, I have been doing these exercises in the morning for years now and I can personally say that I cannot do without them.  In part, I attribute my robust health and vitality to this set of exercises.

The Power of Chi

The sequence of Chi Kung exercises presented here originate from the Chinese martial arts tradition and are centuries old.  They were popularised by the excellent books “The Power of Chi” and the updated version “Chi: the power within” by Geoff Pike.  I highly recommend you purchase a copy of the latest book and study it. They go into much more depth than is possible here.

As suggested above, over time, a wealth of anecdotal evidence has amassed that un-equivocally attest to the powerful physical and mental health benefits of doing these type of Chi exercises. For example, there are cases of seemingly “impossible” demonstrations of super-human strength.  I myself, have seen a Tai Chi master push someone over without touching them using, what he claimed, was a projection of his vital energy or Chi. 

Enhance your Chi and boost your vitality

Some of the health benefits could, to some extent, be explained within a western medical paradigm: increased oxygen flow, stretching the body and so on.   However, the truly miraculous effect that doing Chi exercises will have on your health and wellbeing cannot be so easily explained.  To understand we need to use an “eastern” paradigm, which is based on cultivating the flow of one’s life force or Chi (Qi, prana, huna, lunga – different cultures have different names for it); the idea being that if the flow of Chi around the body is as it should be, then our body and mind will be healthy and vital.  In fact, this is what most eastern systems of medicine are based on.

The exercises taught in this series of patterns are designed to enhance the natural movement of the Chi in your body.  Whatever the case may be, in terms of how we conceptualize life force, the benefits of these fantastic exercises are in the doing.  So let’s get started.

How to learn the exercises

To learn these Chi Kung exercises, watch the following videos.  You will need to pay attention to each detail of the movement; often what you think you are doing with your body is not actually what you are doing. These exercises are simple, but you need to do them right to get the effect.  It may help to do them in front of a mirror or film yourself and watch it later.  Your aim is to mimic what I am doing in the videos as closely as possible, with one exception.

After producing this series of videos, I realize I did not emphasize one important aspect of the exercises, an aspect that is actually of fundamental importance. It is important so I am going to bold it.


There is an emphasis on breathing in these exercises.  What is not emphasised in the videos it the length of the breath.  Your aim, as you practice these exercises, is to extend the in and out phases of your breath for as long as you can.  Try and make your in-breath and out-breath last 20 to 30 seconds or even longer.

Having said the above however, it is ok if you can only do a few seconds to start with.  Just aim to increase the duration each time you do the exercise.  Go at your own pace.

I would advise learning one exercise at a time. When you are comfortable that you are doing one well then learn the next one.

OK, Now the exercises

Exercise # 2 Press the Sky

Exercise # 3 The Shaolin Archer

Exercise # 4 Search the Clouds

Exercise # 5 Lift the Rock

Exercise # 6 Touch the Sky, Press the earth

Exercise # 7 Eye of the Tiger

Exercise #8 Grip the Swallow's Egg




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