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The 7-minute day starter that will transform your life.

The 7-minute Day Starter That Will Transform Your Life.

Here is a deceptively simple, 7 minute, 4 step process that has the potential to revolutionize your life.  This is a morning exercise. At the end of it you will feel empowered and focused, which is an excellent way to begin your day.

The process is explained here

Graphic by Brendan Kalnins


It is important to jot your lists down by hand and without censorship – just write whatever comes to mind, without analysing or questioning – just write.  You will often be surprised at what comes up.

Here's why it works

When you d0 it early in the morning as you are coming out of sleep you still have greater access to the resources of the unconscious mind.  In other words, things that are buried deep are often closer to the surface upon awaking.  Remember, your have just spent hours communing with your unconscious self.

What is bothering me at the moment is ....

By asking the question “what is bothering me at the moment” you give yourself a chance to uncover issues that may have been causing you discomfort or distraction but have been working from below the level of your conscious awareness – you just know stuff is bothering you without really knowing why.  This process allows you to bring these issues into consciousness.

What am I thankful for is ...

By stating the things you have to be thankful for you encourage and build an ongoing attitude of gratitude.  In doing so you align yourself with a sense of abundance and a whole host of benefits that come with cultivating a sense of gratitude (check out the Gratitude blog series).

what I really want is…..

Often our hearts desire is buried deep under our day to day worries, concerns and responsibilities.  If we ignore these deeper desires, the whispers of our heart, we can run the risk of living a life of quiet desperation and pain.  By completing the statement “what I really want is…..“ you are giving yourself a chance to uncover your deeper desires and yearnings.

The overarching process here is to bring into consciousness that which may be hidden to you, which gives you a chance to act on what you have uncovered if you so wish.

What is one action I can take ....

The final step, deciding on what action to take is the clincher, the game changer.  By making a commitment to take just one action this day towards changing what doesn’t feel right or to something that will contribute to moving towards a hearts desire you will, overtime, change your life.

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