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Radically change how you relate to people by saying “thank you” with sincerity.

Radically Change How You Relate To People By Saying “thank You” With Sincerity.

Simply saying “thank you” with true sincerity does not take a lot of energy or thought but it can radically improve your sense of wellbeing and your relationships.

Be sincere with your words of thanks

You can intensify your Attitude of Gratitude by expressing your sincere thanks to people when they do things for you, even small things.  At the same time, you will greatly enhance the quality of your relationships.  Sincerity is the key here. Often, we automatically say thank you for things and do not really move into the feeling of the word.  At an unconscious level people will feel this and it becomes a meaningless word for both of you.

Thank you with feeling is a two way gift

When you truly express your gratitude by putting an appropriate amount of feeling into it, in other words by being truly sincere, the simple word of “thanks” can take on a whole new level of meaning.  You do this by first generating an internal feeling of gratitude, and then letting it colour your words and gestures; this is when thanking someone becomes a small gift; not only to the receiver but also the giver. It becomes a gift for you because it enhances your general Attitude of Gratitude. It is a gift to the person you are thanking because they feel, seen, heard, acknowledged and appreciated.  At some level this every person on the planet craves these things.  Give it to them they will love you for it.  You see?  The simple act of saying “thank you” with sincerity has the powerful ability to change how a person feels about themselves and you.

Maintain a daily practice

While this is the last instalment of this series on gratitude you can go on building your Gratitude by maintaining a daily gratitude practice. Remember just a couple of minutes a day is all it takes to develop an ongoing mindset.  You have lots of exercises and tools to use.

Gratitude exercise # 7

Genuine thanks

Today’s exercise is to find reasons to be grateful towards the people you interact with with and then thank them with generosity and sincerity as described above.

Daily focus

As you express your gratitude to people with sincerity be aware of how this makes you feel and how it influences the nature of your interaction with the other person.

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