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Do you feel it?



More healthy,  more vibrant, more joyful, more peaceful, more generous, more grateful, more aware, more conscious, more present, more active, more honest, more creative, more compassionate, more loving, more courageous, more fun, more still, more mindful, more alive.

Want more of this sort of more?

Then there will be something here for you

This site contains a collection of practical tools and instructions for change at a personal level  and ultimately at a global level.  The sort of change I am talking about is really just coming back to wholeness and health.

These tools have been carefully researched and selected for their efficacy, simplicity and congruence with busy modern lives.

Each and every one of the hacks detailed here can be life changing.  I have classified them into 4 categories – Brain Hacks, Body Hacks, Food Hacks, Eco Hacks.


Mindfulness, attitude of gratitude, NLP, mind-mastery, meditations, active imagination, guided meditations, life-changing contemplations, cognitive behavioural therapy, mental exercises, esteem, self-love, confidence, mental health, being present, values, compassion, loving kindness, self-acceptance, forgiveness.


Healthy body healthy mind, exercise, breathing, chi, qui gong, yoga, pranayama, posture, sexuality, body image, addictions, diet, sleep, hydration.


Because I love food and cooking, you are what you eat, not a regular food blog, healthy food, ecologically sound food, fermented food, alternative food, comfort food, real super foods, herbal tea, fermented drinks for recovering alcoholics, delicious food on a budget


Things you can do towards a sustainable future, reducing waste, chickens, worm farming, micro-gardens, urban farming, solar-power, eco-tech, backyard aquaculture, snail farming, permaculture, energy saving, reducing carbon foot print, recycling, biodiversity conservation.

Why does the world need you to want more joy?


We are slowly breaking the biosphere that sustains us and the society that is meant to nourish us.  

In pursuit of profit we have sacrificed our happiness and freedom and continue to push our ecosystems to the point of collapse.  

A perfect storm approaches.


But the radical change we need won’t come by demanding more honest governments or fairer political systems or a more equitable distribution of wealth or more Royal commissions etc etc etc etc.

Let’s be realistic

So many of us have tried.  But greed, corruption and human frailty win every time, as it has done throughout history.  It is winning now, isn’t it? We are destroying the planet for a fist full of dollars.

We need a different kind of revolution; one that happens at a personal level, don't we.

The world needs happy, well-adjusted human beings who live with a deep sense of joy and presence whose happiness comes from within rather than by consuming more stuff  …..   and so their  choices will be more caring of other people and more sustainable for the biosphere. 

In case your are curious

Random stuff about me

Hi, I'm Ken and I .....

Am at heart an altruist, am a would be entrepreneur/ecopreneur, am an agricultural scientist, am proud of my contribution towards global food security, am not so proud of a lot of dumb decisions I have made, I try to be a good father, am deeply concerned about global issues, am a husband but not a world class one, my ancestors were convicts, am responsible for this blog, wish I had been a better son and brother, am an NLP master practitioner, live in Perth, Western Australia, have the Sun, the Moon and Neptune in Scorpio, have a PhD, think our leaders have failed us, love camping but don’t do it enough, believe in personal responsibility, believe that consumerism will be the death of us, think my dad was awesome but only after he died, love cooking, have wrestled with alcohol addiction, had extremely low self esteem when I left home, love people and humanity, am quite reclusive, have traveled extensively, have seen a awful lot of the world, am deeply flawed, lived for 15 years in Aleppo, Syria, believe that the only hope for humanity is if individuals raise their consciousness.

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